North Sheyenne Street Improvements

April 23, 2020 Update:

A public input website was live Monday, April 6 through Tuesday, April 21.

Feb. 21, 2020 Update

This project has been rescheduled for the 2021 construction season as a reconstruction project that will include improvements to the roadway and underground utilities.

Original Project Information:

This information will be information as the 2021 reconstruction project is developed.

Sheyenne Street Downtown Road Improvements Map


The downtown Sheyenne Street reconstruction project is comprised of two components, including a urban reconstruction of Sheyenne Street from Main Avenue W. to Seventh Avenue W. and the improvement of the Seventh Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street intersection.

Sheyenne Street Urban Road Reconstruction Component - Road Diet

This street project is a major element in the revitalization of downtown West Fargo and has a goal of creating a vibrant downtown space that encourages walking, events and enhance economic development in the area. The initial proposed design calls for narrowing the existing road width, increasing sidewalk widths, slowing traffic, reducing crossing distance at intersections, easing pedestrian and motorists’ safety concerns and improving lighting. The proposed project implements elements of the City of West Fargo’s Downtown Framework Study, new comprehensive plan and Downtown Sheyenne Street Corridor Study.

The project is being funded with a $2.3 million grant from the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s (NDDOT) Urban Grant Program. The program focuses on transportation improvements that directly support a community’s urban core and central business district. The City of West Fargo was one of six communities chosen by an advisory committee comprised of NDDOT, Department of Commerce, Bank of North Dakota, League of Cities and Metropolitan Planning Organization representatives.

The revitalization of downtown West Fargo began in 2016 when the City of West Fargo began collaborating with developers to build a number of multi-use buildings and a city-owned plaza. These spaces bring residents and businesses together and provide a focal gathering space in the heart of downtown. In 2018, Sheyenne Plaza, the first mixed-use building, and the POW/MIA Plaza opened. Downtown West Fargo also joined Governor Doug Burgum’s Main Street Initiative in 2018 and was declared a Main Street Community. Construction is currently underway on Pioneer Place, a second mixed use building to the north of Sheyenne Plaza expected to open in summer 2019. Three additional mixed use buildings are planned for downtown.

Sheyenne Street Urban Road Reconstruction Component - Intersection

About this Project:

The purpose of this proposed project is to improve safety and functionality of the intersection at Sheyenne Street and Seventh Avenue W., as well as creating a "gateway to downtown West Fargo." This gateway will calm traffic, increasing safety for both pedestrians and vehicles while providing an aesthetic feature entering the downtown area. The project was identified due to continued crash susceptibility, along with long and unsafe pedestrian crosswalks.

Additionally, mixed use developments continue to occur along the corridor, and this project will help address the social demands and better accommodate economic development in this area.

Additional information related to this corridor is in the approved Downtown Sheyenne Street Corridor Study.

Improvements will potentially involve upgrading a water main and storm sewer, concrete pavement, curb and gutter, street lights, sidewalks, multi-use paths, vehicle or pedestrian signals, signing and striping, landscaping and other miscellaneous installations.

Preliminary Concepts

View of downtown gateway arch

Estimated Project Costs: $1.8 million