Special Assessments

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Special assessment financing is a method established in Chapter 40 of the North Dakota Century Code utilized by the City of West Fargo to allocate the costs of an improvement project to property owners that benefit from the infrastructure.

Examples of projects that most likely utilize special assessment financing are water lines and storage, sewer lines, storm sewer, road and sidewalk paving, and flood protection. 

Visit the Special Assessments Projects page for more information on specific projects.

Special Assessment Policy

Read the City of West Fargo Special Assessment Policy (PDF)
Learn about special assessments in the City of West Fargo (PDF)

View Special Assessments

Balances of special assessments and other special assessment information for specific properties can be viewed on the City Assessor's Property Database. To inquire about pending special assessments contact Dustin Scott, City Engineer. Only special assessments that have been certified can be paid off. Pending special assessments are estimates only and cannot be paid off until they become certified.

Request Special Assessment Payoff

If you are a homeowner or realtor looking for information on special assessment payoffs, please complete and submit the Special Assessment Payoff Request Form to request an estimate.  If you are a closing agent, please submit the Special Assessment Form - Closing Agent. Only special assessments that have been certified can be paid off.