Code Enforcement

West Fargo Police Department's Community Service Officers (CSO) are responsible for performing inspections concerning violations of various local ordinances and codes including nuisances, planning and zoning offenses, snow on sidewalks, and property maintenance. 

​Complaint Process: 

Before making a complaint, it is highly encouraged to speak with your neighbor first, if applicable. In many cases, this can resolve the situation. 

If you believe you have a complaint that could be a violation of a city ordinance, it can be submitted using the following options:

Tips when making a complaint:

  • Provide specific location, if possible.
  • Be detailed regarding violation of city ordinance.
  • Do not submit complaint anonymously. At a minimum, provide a name and phone number or email to contact with questions. Without providing contact information, CSOs are unable to contact residents for follow-up questions or explain reasoning for decisions. 
  • If alleged violation is not observable from the right-of-way, further permission will be needed in most cases to access property. 
Note: If the complaint received is related to another department or agency, it will be referred and closed.

After the complaint is submitted:

  1. Receipt of the complaint will usually be acknowledged within one to two business days of receipt. 
  2. Initial inspection, if applicable, will be conducted of the area within two business days. 
  3. Following inspection, coordination with other departments and review of City ordinances will be completed as needed to determine the best course of action. 
    1. The decision timeline will vary pending several factors. 
  4. A notice, in most cases, is sent to the property owner, who then, depending on the type of violation, has a determined period of time to complete any corrective action. 
  5. If corrective action is not taken within the time frame provided, additional notice may be give or court action. 

West Fargo prefers to work towards voluntary compliance with property owners in violation, not punishment. If all attempts to attain compliance are exhausted, further action may be required. 

Nonemergent Contact Information

Code Enforcement does not handle emergencies. For all emergencies call 911. For non-emergent concerns relating to the police, fire or infrastructure call:

  • Police Department: 701-515-5500
  • Fire Department: 701-515-5600
  • Public Works: 701-515-5400