Traffic Enforcement

West Fargo Police Department's Traffic Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing traffic laws in order to reduce traffic collisions, making the roadways safer for travel, and expediting the flow of traffic. 

The Traffic Enforcement Division also includes Truck Regulatory responsibilities. 

To submit a traffic enforcement report or concern: 

If you believe you have a concern or report that is a violation of local traffic enforcement laws, it can be submitted using the following options:

  • Submission form available online
  • Call the West Fargo Police Department at 701-515-5500

Tips when making a report or concern:

  • Provide specific locations and times, if possible. 
  • Be detailed regarding the concern or report. 
  • Do not submit complaint anonymously. At a minimum, provide a name and phone number or email to contact with questions. Without providing contact information, the Traffic Enforcement Division is unable to contact residents for follow-up questions or explain reasoning for decisions. 

Nonemergent Contact Information

The Traffic Enforcement Division does not handle emergencies. For all emergencies call 911. For non-emergent concerns relating to the police, fire or infrastructure call: 

  • Police Department: 701-515-5500
  • Fire Department: 701-515-5600
  • Public Works: 701-515-5400

Traffic Enforcement Division responsibilities: 

  • Responsible for the investigation of accidents including hit-and-run, property damage and personal injury accidents. 
  • Responds to traffic complaints and determines areas for concentrated and enhanced enforcement.
  • Responds to parking complaints and issues warnings/citations when appropriate. 
  • Responsible for the placement of the "speed trailer" and "speed box" for public education, deterrence and community traffic calming.
  • Assists in conducting special traffic enforcement periods, such as distracted driving, seat belt and DUI enforcement.

Traffic Enforcement Division Truck Regulatory responsibilities: 

  • Monitors construction zones and works with contractors to ensure codes are followed. 
  • Monitors for speed enforcement, equipment licensing, oversize and overweight construction vehicles, street and curb damage complaints, and proper permitting. 
  • For major projects, attends meetings with contracts, engineers and additional officials to plan access routes and detours for construction related traffic. 
  • Meets with contracts and businesses regarding safety expectations as well as basic inspections. 
  • Measuring and weighing equipment/vehicles for complaints with City of West Fargo permit in addition to federal laws. 
  • Assists with special route-driven projects for over-dimensional moves. Plans for traffic control in collaboration with West Fargo City Planning and Public Works Departments.