Permit Application

Both documents attached to each of the forms below must be completed when submitting the application.
*Sprinkler and Alarm Plans require one set of paper plans and one set of electronic plans to be submitted with the applicable documents.

Flammable and Combustible Tank Dispensing Permit Requirements

  1. The Planning and Zoning Department shall be notified before installation begins.
  2. Permit application shall be filled out with payment and the following included and submitted for review:
    1. A site plan of the property with distances (in feet) as to where proposed tank will be located from buildings, property lines and roadways.
    2. Total number of tanks along with maximum gallons and type of fuel being stored.
    3. Certification/ information on tank and dispensing units if applicable.
  3. No work shall be conducted until application is approved.
  4. West Fargo Fire Department shall be notified prior to tank testing and burial.
  5. Upon completion of project, West Fargo Fire Department shall be notified for inspection before storage/ dispensing is allowed.
  6. At time of inspection is approved the permit will be issued and operation may begin.